Seven tips to prevent Rural Crime

Rural crime is on the rise*, with incidents ranging from the theft of metal, tools, chemicals and fuel, to machinery theft, flytipping and even livestock rustling.

Keeping farms safe from crime is a constant challenge. Rural areas are dark and secluded, particularly in winter; giving both opportunistic and organised thieves the perfect opportunity to steal high-value items. In order to help protect your rural business from the increasing risk of crime, here are some simple security recommendations.

  • Be vigilant and aware of any suspicious people or vehicles, and take note of unfamiliar vehicle registration numbers. Consider joining a community such as Farm Watch; a country-wide concern that works alongside the police in a similar way to Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
  • Check that gates and fences are in good condition to minimise unlawful entry. Keep ditches well dug to limit unauthorised vehicle access and use signage that clearly shows private property boundaries.
  • Keep chemicals and fertilisers out of sight, and dispose of scrap metal regularly to deter thieves. Report any unsolicited requests to buy fertiliser to the police.
  • Consider Access Control entry systems for outbuildings that store expensive equipment, chemicals or machinery. Ensure that window locks are used at all times, and consider adding bars or shutters to windows that are on isolated sides of buildings, or that can easily be reached from the ground.
  • Provide visible deterrents, such as motion sensor lighting. LED site lighting is a cost effective way to deter criminal activity, providing quality illumination with low energy consumption. Infrared lamps provide the correct lighting for CCTV, whilst avoiding light pollution.
  • Monitored intruder alarms and CCTV cameras are excellent ways to deter criminal activity. Make sure that your business is conforming to regulations; ideally using a security installation company that is NSI Approved.
  • Ensure that alarms and cameras are regularly maintained to maximise their effectiveness.

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*Source: NFU Mutual


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