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A message from Clifford Corne, Managing Director

All business carried out by every company, throughout the world, affects the environment of our planet Earth. Every single business task carried out affects the environment to a degree, there are no exceptions to this.

If we bear this in mind, we can see that for every single task that we do, we must be able to reduce our effects on the environment. This is correct and our opportunities to help the environment are endless. The good news is that there are many places where we can start. Every day and for every single task we carry out we can and must improve our support for the environment.

At Secure Engineering we have a policy to Secure the Environment. The Directors of Secure Engineering have been concerned and thinking about the environment ever since the UK’s first clear received warning – the 1987 Hurricane which hit the UK. It was clear to me from that moment something had caused the weather to change and I had a suspicion that our worldwide production of waste heat and our ever-increasing conversion of oxygen to CO2 was harming the planet. All of us involved in business must be responsible about this as it is the very act of operating businesses worldwide and the results of this which adversely affects the planet. There are many billions of adverse effects continually happening across the globe and for the moment, increasingly so.

There is much work to do for the planet, but fortunately, as the possibilities are endless, it is simple to start. At Secure Engineering our adverse effects on the planet are relatively small compared to larger business concerns but nevertheless we must continue to do our best for the environment and become known as thought leaders in this process whilst continuing to carry out respectable sustainable, beneficial business.

Secure Engineering’s Commitment to protection of the environment is demonstrated by our deeds such as procurement of electric vehicles, seeking local works as a priority, employing local people as a priority, our continued recycling of waste materials, monitoring of electricity and of water consumption. We will continue to encourage further environmentally positive business.

Clifford Corne
Managing Director, Secure Engineering Ltd


Maidstone, Kent

Secure Engineering Ltd.
Advanced Technology Centre
East Sutton
Kent. ME17 3DD
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