Fibre and Copper Structured Cabling


What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is a type of infrastructure that supports the performance of an organisation’s cabling system or network. This infrastructure brings all IT equipment, PC’s, phones and data transmission together to an organised single cabling system, taking out the complexities of simultaneously running several different devices and multiple IT units by keeping it simple.  Thus, providing a highly flexible, highly reliable, network infrastructure improving performance and supporting business growth.

Every structured cabling system is unique.  Consideration is given from the premises architectural structure to the equipment the cable installation will support, both present and future use. The configuration of an already installed system and customer requirements all play a part in discerning the type of structured cable to be used.

Fibre or Copper?

There is no doubt there are many benefits to optical fibre, which is why it pretty much makes up the physical backbone of the world wide web. Fibre has a greater bandwidth meaning a greater amount of information can be successfully transmitted down each fibre. Long transmission distances are easily achievable with fibre when compared to copper.  Electrical noise does not affect fibre so it can easily withstand electronically noisy environments and it is SECURE. Fibre is the most secure medium for carrying sensitive data as it does not radiate electromagnetic energy, therefore emissions are unable to be intercepted.

However, not everywhere, every system or every budget is suitable for fibre.  At Secure Engineering we will advise the best solution to suit your requirements considering your premises, existing equipment, budget and your expectations for the future of your systems.

The splicing and termination of fibre is complex and requires specialist installation.  Our Engineers are Connectix trained which means we can provide specialist installations for:

  • Fibre Optic cable link installations, splicing, termination and testing to the latest standards – 25year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multimode and Single mode fibre
  • Copper structured cabling link installations, termination and testing to latest standards, including CAT6A (10Gb/s), CAT6, CAT5E – 25year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Certificated testing and troubleshooting of Fibre and Copper cabling links.
  • IT Network installation, configuration and testing, including, Routers, Firewalls, Managed & Unmanaged Switches, and VPN’s.

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