Integrated Systems

  • Efficient and effective protection of premises
  • Integrate and operate all your systems from one place
  • View alarms from all systems in a single user interface
  • Remote access and control


The definition of system integration is the combining of two or more individual systems to form a single operating platform. Integration can also be used in ’cause and effect’ type scenario where one event may trigger an automated process across many differing sections of an integrated system complex. System integration can include CCTV, Analytics, Access Control, Intruder Detection, Fire Detection and suppression.

An Integrated System allows the different components of multiple systems to be woven into one centralised solution. We will design a bespoke Integrated System to fit your exact requirements and be scalable for the future. Whether this is to maintain the security of your site, assist in day to day operations and production or to maintain a safe working environment for your staff and visitors.
Combining CCTV, Video Analytics, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Intruder Detection, Perimeter Protection, Fire Detection and Suppression and Access Control systems including doors, turnstiles and car park barriers; all manageable and controllable from one place through one programme.

For example, during office hours we could utilise video analytics to provide an early warning to your security team of a breach in the site perimeter. Out of hours this would be diverted to a central monitoring centre. With the same system we could monitor a pedestrian route and send an email to your HR manager with a video snapshot if somebody were to veer from the designated route.

Electronic security systems are changing at an alarming rate (excuse the pun) and are so much more than electronic locks, cameras and motion detection. Utilising your existing structured cabling we can run over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or wireless, using standard protocols such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Technology has opened up many avenues of integration. Enabling the management and control for the security for the whole organisation, a few sites or a single site or area from single or multiple workstations via your Wide Area Network (WAN) or the internet.

At Secure Engineering Ltd we integrate all disciplines of electronic security systems including:

  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Video Analytics
  • Access Control
  • ANPR (Automatic number Plate Recognition)
  • Intruder Detection Systems
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Automated Gates

The future of integration technology will involve increased use of wireless devices, systems connected direct to networks and Apps via smart phones or other portable devices and a greater use of Biometrics for Access Control.

We can supply a solution to meet your needs now and be adaptable to meet your needs in the future. Nothing stands still and therefore your security needs to be able to withstand your Company’s growth and expansion.

Security is an essential part of business that is often overlooked; don’t put your business operations and personnel at risk.


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