Five Vital Security Checks

Security can be a reactive requirement; businesses don’t always think about it until an incident has occurred. Here are five security checks for your CCTV equipment that you can’t afford to neglect.

Are cameras clean?
CCTV image quality is dramatically affected by dust, cobwebs, insects or water marks on the camera lens. Regularly checking that there is a clear picture, both day and night, ensures that you are protected at all times.

Is the system working?
It sounds obvious, but if any part of an integrated system is not working correctly, security is compromised. Batteries should be replaced, and other power sources and wires should be checked periodically to ensure uninterrupted service. Ensure that footage is recorded for at least 14 days, and that storage is safe: following all legal requirements.

Are cameras facing in the optimum direction?
If your CCTV cameras are in the wrong position, or have moved over the course of time, you may not be able to see the necessary areas of your site, leaving your business vulnerable.

Is software up to date?
The latest software will ensure that your system is working efficiently and that your business is enjoying all the benefits of electronic security. Make sure that the time and date are correct too!

Is your system maintained?
Taking out a maintenance contract means that these and all other essential checks are reliably and regularly carried out before issues arise.

If you are interested in a new electronic security maintenance package, call us on 01622 844244. We can attend with a high-reach vehicle, perform all necessary cleaning and checking, and advise on ways to maximise the use of your system.


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