Wednesday , 17 July 2019

No Dust!

No DustDust is a problem if not properly handled.

Dust caused by drilling can be a major health hazard, not only from particles entering the eyes but also from breathing in dust. Brick or concrete Silica dust in particular can lead to the development of respiratory ill health, causing scarring of the lung tissue possibly resulting in serious breathing complications.

Containment of dust caused by drilling is also vital to the environment we are working in such as sterile dust sensitive and high voltage areas.

Having the correct apparatus is crucial in order to perform tasks safely & efficiently without putting engineers at risk and impeding performance.

One of Secure Engineering’s Senior Engineers, seen here is using a dust extractor attached to the drill. This sucks away and contains any dust generated whilst drilling operations are being carried out thus eliminating all dust from the drilling process.

Although no dust was found during the process using this equipment we still recommend the operator wears eye and respiratory protection.

Never rule out the importance of Health and Safety !

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