Four dangers of fake CCTV Cameras

At Secure Engineering, we are often asked our opinion of fake CCTV cameras. We have never advocated the use of these, strongly believing that they are an inadequate choice when it comes to your site’s security.

False signage
By law, signs must be displayed clearly when CCTV is installed. Displaying these signs when dummy cameras are installed creates a literal false sense of security. Staff, customers and pedestrians may feel safer in areas displaying this signage, incorrectly believing that any criminal activity will be monitored or recorded. Failing to have these signs may cause legal problems, whilst drawing attention to the fact that the CCTV cameras are not real.

Unconvincing appearance
A decoy CCTV camera may deter an opportunistic thief, but it is unlikely that an experienced criminal would be convinced by it. Many dummy cameras display a flashing red LED on the front, which may look credible to some. Those familiar with the technology however, will be aware that very few genuine CCTV cameras have visible lights.

Money for nothing
A dummy CCTV camera cannot be used to monitor machinery, processes, criminal activity, or car parks. They may seem a good value solution, but could end up costing your business a great deal more in the long run.

The rules still apply
All CCTV cameras are subject to stringent rules and regulations, so even dummy cameras must be placed in law-abiding locations. If a dummy camera overlooks private property or is directed towards a window, you may find that legal problems arise. This is a great deal of work for something that serves no purpose than decoration!

The benefits of a genuine, well-maintained CCTV system far outweigh those of decoy cameras, and correctly maintained, is far more cost effective.


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