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Have you ever given thought to the security of our water?
Integrated Systems

From drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning, water is a vital part in all our lives. We turn on the tap and it’s there, clean, drinkable and ready to use. It is very possibly the most taken for granted commodity in the western world. The processes involved to making water fit for our cups of tea and everything else are complex and protecting these processes is a crucial element at Water Supply Works, whether it is from a process control point of view or preventing possible contamination caused by intruders.

This is why Secure Engineering Ltd was engaged to enhance the level of security at three Water Supply Works, classed as Critical National Infrastructure Designated Sites across Kent, West Sussex and Hampshire.

The Security upgrades comprised of fully integrated physical and electronic security solutions, requiring a combination of physical security products, CCTV, electronic alarm installation and interfacing.

Systems were designed to the highest level of detail, with care given to power consumption, standby times, reliability, attack types, level and duration as well as multiple layers of protection.  All this and still be straight forward for the end user to operate.

In excess of 70 high definition cameras have been installed including PTZ and static cameras, all with infrared capabilities and cameras dedicated to video motion detection, number plate recognition and access control. Some challenging camera positions to overcome, but nothing we couldn’t handle (see our article ‘No Limits’ for more information regarding bespoke bracketry). The new system utilises latest technology IP cameras and the very latest in Network Video Recorder, digital compression technologies as well as video analytics. A fully integrated Intruder Detection System, & Remote Video Intercom has been provided with innovative and user-friendly Video Management System providing a high quality reliable security solution, with the flexibility to meet the needs of these industrial applications.

All of Secure Engineering Systems are designed for ease of maintenance, low power consumption and long service life.

There’s more to a nice cup of tea than just boiling the kettle – who’d have thought!


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