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Secure Engineering has upgraded the electronic security system at a large metal refinery in Essex.

Our client required a camera to be installed at a remote part of site approximately 400m away from their nearest building in order to view a sea defence gate in the event of a flood warning. Running power to that location was not a viable option, therefore, our solution was Solar Powered CCTV.

We supplied and installed two ten metre Altron columns, one adjacent to an existing site security cabinet to facilitate a 5GHz wireless network bridge and the other adjacent to the sea defence gate to facilitate the other end of the wireless bridge, with the new camera and a solar PV array. The network link supports WPA2-AES encryption, MAC address binding and for extra security we also installed a firewall.
The solar PV array was mounted at a height to ensure they were not subjected to damage from stones or debris kicked up from passing lorries. All enclosures were protected with security locks and electronic tamper detection.

We utilised an Axis P1448-LE Bullet camera with infra-red and ultra-low light colour image capabilities to provide a view of estuary gate back in the site security office. As fog is a common occurrence in this location we installed ultra-reflective strips to the flood gate which would reflect the cameras infra-red illuminators even when visibility was severely reduced, thus enabling the operator to be confident of the position of the gate at all times.

Utilising the NetWave NWKSP4 Solar off grid power system, for providing remote power to edge communication equipment. Powered only from the suns output, these custom designed Solar panels and battery pack are capable of sustaining 24/7 functionality of the Wi-Fi link and the camera.

The NetWave NWKSP4 is the ideal application when a remote camera or wireless repeater is needed but power is not available. The installation includes high quality photovoltaic solar panels, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, outdoor enclosure, solar charge controller, PoE midspan injector and mounting hardware. The steel outdoor enclosure has a gasket hinged lid with two tamper proof locks operated by a special key for high security. The 30A solar charge controller supports an LCD screen for local diagnostics and system health monitoring, Intelligent PWM charging mode and battery protection from overcharge and over discharge. The batteries provide outstanding deep cycle and cold weather performance.

• Solar panels are designed with heavy duty anodized frames that are capable of withstanding high wind pressure, hail, and snow load
• Solar Panels feature outstanding low light performance
• High Efficiency Multicrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panels
• Weatherproof powder coated steel enclosure that meets NEMA 4X/IP65 weatherproofing standards
• Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery with great low temperature performance to -40ºC
• 12 VDC Solar Charge Controller with LCD Screen, Intelligent PWM Charging Mode, Adjustable charging and discharging parameters
• Gigabit PoE+ Injector
• Intelligent Controller
• Solar Controller Diagnostics LCD Display Supporting Readout of Several Parameters Including System Charge/ Discharge and Battery Voltage
• Ampere Hours Monitoring of Accumulated Charge/Discharge
• Intelligent PWM Charge Controller
• Automatic Temperature Compensation
• Adjustable Charge/Discharge Control Parameters
• Battery Low Voltage Disconnection
• Battery Reverse Connection Protection
• Overload/Short Circuit Protection
• Electric Port Supports Auto-negotiation for Full Duplex or Half Duplex Data Throughput

Other applications for this technology include:
• Remote Surveillance Cameras
• Wireless Perimeter Surveillance
• Temporary Network Surveillance Deployments
• Construction Site Network Access


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