Suspect Search by Nice

Suspect Search, the patent-pending video analytics technology by Nice Systems, has now been officially launched. Secure’s team of delegates were fortunate enough to receive a preview of the Suspect Search at IFSEC in June, and were extremely impressed with the technology.

Not only ideal for detecting individuals that have committed crimes, tracking those that are behaving suspiciously, and seeking witnesses, the software is also useful for reuniting family members that have been separated in a crowded place, or for finding the owner of bags that have been abandoned.

Tested at the American SuperBowl where an average crowd is 80,000 strong, Suspect Search is simple, effective and fast, reducing search times to a matter of minutes.
NICE avatar security
The technology has a simple three-step process to find an individual quickly and efficiently, without the need to trawl through hours of CCTV footage.

1. An avatar is created of the individual in question. This can be done using a still video image, an imported photograph, or by specifying hair, skin and clothing colours and textures to create a composite cartoon-style figure within the program.

2. Any person matching the description is then shown on screen, within three seconds, with 90% of irrelevant images filtered out. Operatives can deselect individuals that are irrelevant to the search.

3. The journey and last known location of the relevant individuals is automatically marked on a map, meaning that minimum time is wasted when tracking and apprehending them.

If your business would benefit from an award-winning video analytics system that can search through 14 hours of footage in under three minutes, contact us here or call our office on 01622 844244.

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