Secure return to Kent Business School

BIG Network - Kent Business SchoolSecure Engineering’s Directors, Clifford Corne and Linda Doherty are back at the Kent Business School for year three of the Business Improvement and Growth initiative.

Along with other ambitious owner-managers, the Directors met with the KBS team at their base at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Having previously completed the BIG Journey executive development programme in 2012, and the BIG Network in 2013, the participants formed their new network in August and are now taking part in regular seminars, coaching sessions and strategy planning meetings to find the best way to take their businesses forward.

The Kent Business School and BIG Network team focuses on six key themes that are relevant to an SME; Team-building, Finance, Value proposition, Strategic alliances, Innovation, and Pitching. Dr Simon Raby, Head of SME Partnerships at the Kent Business School explains the mutual benefit of Clifford and Linda’s attendance. ‘With their enrolment to this year’s BIG Network, Clifford and Linda continue to play an active role in the Kent Business School’s business improvement and growth programmes for ambitious owner-managers. I thank them personally for their continued commitment to, interest in and ambassadorship of our work, and look forward to working with them over the many years to come”.

There are many challenges to be faced in business, particularly in the current climate. The BIG Network allows the business owners to discuss these challenges, and gain suggestions and advice from others that may have had similar experiences. Director of Finance, Linda Doherty explains that this is of particular interest. ‘We are all businesses from all over the county and we’ve all had pretty much the same sorts of problems. It doesn’t matter what sort of business it is, we all have similar things to discuss and help each other out with.’

This strategic company development is passed on to the team at Secure Engineering, who are free to add their own suggestions to the plan through monthly ‘Road Map’ meetings to enable the whole team to focus on a secure and successful future for the company.


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