West Malling Bypass

West Malling Bypass

West Malling Bypass near Maidstone was completed in 2007, taking the A228 4km from Kings Hill in the south, up to Junction 4 of the M20.

Secure Engineering were commissioned by Jacobs on behalf of Kent Highways. This two-part project involved:

  • The supply and installation of 5 Pelco Esprit Traffic Surveillance IP connected cameras on 15m trolley-head columns at strategic points and junctions along the bypass.
  • The installation of 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz wireless network along the length of the bypass and including two network ‘link’ points at local schools adjacent to the bypass.

Being an operational dual-carriageway, any work on or near the bypass had to be carefully coordinated with project managers at Jacobs and Kent Highways. Health and Safety being of prime importance, detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements were drawn up and collated. Full, suitably certificated and approved traffic management was organised for both the CCTV column and wireless installations. The installation of the cameras involved designing, documenting and laying out the camera bases for Secure’s civil engineering contractors. followed by coordination of the delivery and placement of five 15m columns in one session.

Many elements of the wireless network were mounted on lighting columns within the central reservation. This time, traffic management was required to close long sections of the bypass, in sequence, as our engineers installed the pre-assembled and pre-configured ‘nodes’ at specific locations.

The wireless network – designed by Now Wireless Ltd – also carried control data and information to and from seven traffic signal controllers via a 2.4GHz Mesh network connected into the 5.8GHz network. Operational access to the cameras and signals was via the KPSN (Kent Public Services Network) that was used as a conduit from the two local schools to the TMC in Maidstone.

In mid 2008 a nearby road enhancement scheme north of Junction 4 of the M20, required the extension of the wireless network and the addition of a sixth camera. Secure’s experience with the West Malling section enabled this extension to be designed, installed and successfully commissioned within just a few weeks.

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