Waste water site – London

Camera at waste water siteSecure Engineering recently installed new process control cameras at one of the largest waste water sites in the UK. The requirement was to add CCTV cameras that could monitor waste bins, enabling the operatives to see when they needed emptying. They would also allow the Process Controller to instantly identify any mechanical problems that arise, and deal with them quickly.

At 70 hectares, this site is particularly complex, and the control room for the waste bin area is in a separate building; a considerable distance away. The new cameras were essential in a drive to improve the overall efficiency of the site.

Harry Halfacre at water siteSecure Engineering fulfilled the brief by installing eight high quality IP66 rated CCTV cameras by Axis, selected for their durability and excellent performance in hazardous environments. The cameras were connected to a network switch and streamed back to the control room via a fibre optic IP link, to be displayed on a multi-view split-screen monitor. Axis Camera Station software was installed on the workstation computer, to optimise the system for ease of use and reliability.

Despite being a relatively small project, it was a complex one. With a tight deadline and hazardous conditions, Secure Engineering recognised that a dedicated Project Manager would be invaluable to keep the work running smoothly, and to ensure that the task was carried out in a timely, safe and responsible way.

A team of two Secure Engineers successfully installed the new additions over the course of two weeks.

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