Saturday , 15 December 2018

Waste Water Site – Essex

Tom Neenan on water siteSecure Engineering played a valuable part in the update of a waste water site in Essex.

An area of the site had undergone redevelopment, and the existing CCTV system needed to be extended to include it. A new intruder detection system was also required within two new buildings and two kiosks.

The installation was a complex one, as the water site required the CCTV and intruder detection to be integrated. In the event of an alarm being triggered, the camera inside the building needed to pivot towards the relevant door and display the relevant image on the control room monitor.

Secure Engineers installed durable Redvision PTZ cameras, and static Samsung vandal-resistant mini dome cameras. Both camera models featured built-in infrared, to achieve excellent coverage regardless of lighting conditions. As the requirement was to extend the existing system, a new Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 was selected, as this would work in conjunction with the existing DS2. Secure used industry-leading Honeywell Galaxy control equipment to construct the intruder detection system.
Waste water site buildings
With a sizeable distance between the control room and the new buildings, careful consideration was needed to ensure that the system would work perfectly with the current setup. Secure Engineering utilised two spare cores on the existing fibre optic ring that was already in place for process control and monitoring, and selected high quality fibre optic equipment by AMG Systems for the job. This was complete with 10 video signals, RS485 telemetry control data for the cameras, and alarm data for the DVR units. The fibre optic cable was configured in a self-healing ring configuration so that, should part of the fibre be damaged or disconnected, the system will remain linked by cleverly reversing the direction of the data.

Secure’s biggest challenge by far was the time constraint – as the system needed to be installed and running within five weeks. With a gargantuan effort, and a dedicated Project Manager, three teams of Secure Engineers were able to complete the work – with one whole day to spare!

Wate water site

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