Pentagon Centre

Pentagon Shopping Centre

The Pentagon Centre awarded the contract to upgrade their existing CCTV system to Secure Engineering. They required a new system to ensure that the centre’s visitors could shop in a safe and secure environment, as well as providing an invaluable tool in minimising theft and other criminal activity.

Secure Engineering installed 16 high speed dome cameras throughout the 380,000 sq ft shopping centre.

These high-speed dome cameras rotate a full 360 degrees in less than two seconds making it easy for staff to monitor and track any suspicious activity, especially when compared to the older and slower cameras that were previously in use.

Most of the newly installed cameras were discreetly recessed in ceilings, making potential criminals less aware of where and when they are under surveillance, and swinging the balance in favour of security staff. The lenses used on the cameras provide the opportunity to identify an individual up to 60 metres away.

The images from each of the cameras are relayed back to a control room situated within the shopping centre and are constantly monitored by security personnel. All images are recorded onto four digital video recorders.

In addition, the system has been expanded to allow the Centre Manager, Operations Manager and Security Manager all to monitor and control cameras of their choice from their offices, with remote access to all DVRs via a local area network.

The whole upgrade project was installed outside of shopping hours and completed within a three week period, including the installation of an additional fully-functional dome 400m away from the security control room.

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