Kent Highways Traffic Management Centre

CCTV depot control room

The original Traffic Management Centre was installed by Secure Engineering in 2001, on the first floor of Miller House, Maidstone.

Managed by Jacobs, the TMC is a control centre that oversees and manages the urban traffic flow in many of the major towns and cities in Kent. Originally using fibre and ISDN connected cameras, the TMC used an early version of BBV’s (Building Block Video) Pick-a-Point GUI-based control system.

By 2006 the TMC had outgrown its original location and had the opportunity to move to a brand new purpose-built area on the 10th floor of Miller House. A new display and control system was required by the client whilst retaining the existing incoming camera feeds. While the lead-in and planning time for Secure took several weeks, a hard completion deadline was set, with a minimum system downtime of no more than two hours!

Equipment choices and tenders were processed within days. Procurement, delivery and specialist installation was organised with the greatest urgency to achieve full working order for the official opening in November 2006.

The new Traffic Management Centre system is a fully IP-based, flexible and expandable installation based around two large Barco 72” rear projection video walls and a BBV Pick-a-Point GUI control system with maps and icons. All cameras are streamed at source or locally onto the TMC’s high-speed IP network. The Pick-a-Point issues commands over the network to the cameras and monitoring system. BBV Dec5 IP decoders extract selected camera images from the data stream and present up to 32 of them to the Barcos for simultaneous display. The monitor layout on the Barco video walls is fully configurable and dynamically manageable by third party software.

Remote traffic management surveillance cameras are streamed at source by Dedicated Micros DV-IPs and fed back to the TMC by Broadband, high-speed KPSN network or wireless connections. Adding extra IP cameras to the TMC system requires only a few minutes configuration and the camera is ready to use.

Additional, individual viewing stations can make use of DM’s NetVu software to monitor and control cameras. Remote diagnostics and maintenance are simplicity itself with just a VPN connection to the Secure engineer’s laptop.

The Traffic Management Centre system continues to grow, with over sixty cameras online or in the planning stage giving coverage across Kent’s highways.

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