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Traffic Monitoring Kent, London, Sussex, Essex
A well-designed Traffic Management system can ease traffic congestion, improve road safety, monitor incidents, and inform motorists and authorities of any potential problems on the road ahead. Secure Engineering are skilled in providing tailor-made, intelligent systems for traffic management.

Traffic management CCTV systems use Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras to monitor the flow of traffic between two points. These ANPR cameras scan the traffic at various number plate points on a network and match them further down the road to measure journey times.

Images from traffic cameras are not recorded, but instead stream live via an IP network to a Traffic Management centre, where they can be viewed and processed. Slow-moving traffic is highlighted, and appropriate action can then be taken, whether by altering traffic signals, adding messages to matrix signs, creating diversions, alerting the police or even sharing the information via social media.

An environmentally sound system, Traffic Management ensures that vehicles are on the road for the minimum amount of time, enabling motorists to make safe, informed decisions about driving, and to decrease their journey time by avoiding problem areas.

The system that we installed at the Traffic Management Centre for Kent County Council shows 32 of the 150 camera views around Kent at any one time.

If you would like to talk to Secure Engineering about installing or maintaining a traffic management system, please contact us.

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