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fire extinguisher supply and service

Secure Engineering can connect your business with an expert team of fire alarm and suppression specialists. With our family-run Secure Network partner, we can arrange the supply, installation and maintenance of fire alarms and fire suppression systems for businesses across Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and the Home Counties.

Fire alarm systems are the first line of defence to protect your business from the devastation of fire. Our partner company is BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) accredited and like us, carries ISO 9001: 2008 to ensure quality at all stages of fire protection.

Fire alarm call point

Manual fire alarm systems
These standard systems consist of break-glass units and alarms which are connected to a central control panel. These rely on individuals being present to operate the alarm, should a fire be discovered.

Automatic fire detector and alarm systems
A more complex solution, automatic fire alarms have smoke and heat detectors, together with break glass units and alarm sounders connected to a control panel. Automatic systems don’t require human interaction, making them an effective solution.

Fire Suppression systems
All businesses are required to have fire extinguishing equipment, and our trusted partner can supply and maintain portable fire extinguishers, along with fixed gas suppression systems, hydrants, hose reels, sprinklers and more.

Fire safety business
Fire Risk Assessment & Safety Training
Risk assessment is the best way to prevent fire and trained staff can minimise the damage caused and keep your employees safe. Our fire alarm partner can provide essential business risk assessment and safety training for you and your staff.


If you are interested in fire detection and suppression, risk assessment, emergency lighting or training for your business, call the office or contact us here, and we will arrange for our Secure Network partner to visit your site.



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