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Our Secure Network partner can install and maintain a wide range of automatic and industrial doors to your business or commercial premises.

automatic doorIndustrial Doors and Shutters
From reducing energy costs and improving traffic flow, to creating safer working environments, and of course, improving security, choosing the right door system can make a big difference to your business. Modern door systems have the benefit of advanced and improved features, and can be designed to fit a space stylishly and sympathetically, together with seamless integration into your existing electronic security system.

Automatic doors
Automatic opening doors are ideal for a wide variety of facilities. Perfect for providing trouble-free access to shopping centres, schools and colleges, train stations, restaurants, hospitals, and much more.

  • Sliding – the classic sliding automatic door can be upgraded to include burglar resistance, noise reduction and fire safety.
  • Folding – folding doors are a great solution for providing limited space environments, such as corridors, where safety would be compromised with a standard door fitting.
  • Automatic Swing Door – these door systems automatically open and close internal doors and large, heavy externally facing doors.

Automatic doors are available in a range of options to suit your business. They can be hermetically sealed for added noise reduction and heat insulation. Further safety options can be included, such as fire and smoke barriers, with built in manual escape routes added for emergency exit procedures. With auto-reverse and safety stopping mechanisms on all automatic doors, these are a safe, secure way to provide entry to your business.

Industrial shutters
Industrial Doors and Shutters
Industrial doors and shutters provide strength and versatility for a wide range of commercial applications, from garages, warehouses, delivery depots and emergency service stations. With effective resistance from medium to high level security threats, these can also fulfill insurance criteria.

  • Roller shutters – whether steel or aluminium, manual or automatic, insulated or reinforced, roller shutters are an effective way to prevent access and reduce crime.
  • Sectional overhead doors – ideal for workshops, garages, showrooms, emergency services and warehouses, these allow safe, reliable access whilst remaining energy efficient.
  • Fire Shutters – fire resistant shutters can be used to contain a fire until emergency services arrive. Our fire shutters comply with building regulations, fire safety and loss prevention standards.
  • Steel doors – these versatile doors can be used to protect environments from contamination and wind, whilst providing fire, security and acoustic protection.

Our Secure Network partner company can also install and maintain gates, barriers and turnstiles to keep your business secure.


If you are interested in a new automatic door system, or would like your existing system repaired or maintained please email us or call the Advanced Technology Centre

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