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Fermax door entry systemDoor Entry Systems are a safe, secure way to control access to a building, providing either video or audio communication between visitors and occupants. Particularly useful for large-scale residential projects and offices, we can provide door entry for up to 199 separate apartments or offices on a single system.

Door Entry Systems can stand alone as a simple intercom, or with our sophisticated IP solutions, can be combined with other features. CCTV cameras, lifts, lighting, heating and air conditioning can all be integrated to create a cost effective, sustainable ‘smart building’.

Weather-proof and vandal-proof door entry panels are fixed to the exterior of a building, with a monitor at every position that needs to control access to the building. The system can also connect directly to a mobile phone via app for remote viewing.

Our Transmission Control Protocol/IP units use existing local area networks to transmit information, and their use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows minimum disruption during installation and maintenance.

Fermax indoor monitor for door entryWe have a range of monitors for indoor use, from convenient hands-free options, to stylish, fully customisable glass touch screen units.

Available user-friendly features include:

• Calls from any panel connected to the system (that has been accepted as a friend)
• Calls to Property Management teams
• Internal calls for properties with more than one monitor
• Photo capture
• Panic call button
• Audio note recorder
• Do not disturb button

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