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Car Park Guidance & Security Solutions

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Car Parking Security Solutions, Kent, London, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and HertfordshireOur car park guidance & security solutions provide peace of mind to customers and business owners alike.

Secure Engineering is the only ParkEyes installer in the UK. ParkEyes Parking Control, had five years of research and development before being launched in 2012. It is currently trusted for use in many notable locations, including the car park of the largest shopping centre in the world. This system is advanced, energy efficient, and can be adapted to fit with existing requirements. It also reduces insurance premiums, provides an excellent return on investment and gives total customer satisfaction.

Using the intelligent car park guidance & security solutions, customers can reserve spaces in advance by computer, tablet or mobile, selecting from all available spaces. A parking guidance system then shows the quickest route to a reserved space. Red and green lights above each bay show if they are reserved/occupied or available for use.

This unique system reduces the time spent seeking a parking space, prevents inconsiderate parking (an alarm sounds if a car is parked over two spaces) and can detect blue badges to ensure that disabled customers get the spaces to which they are entitled.

'Find my car' parking solutionWhilst away from their vehicle, drivers can check the safety of their car by viewing a live screenshot via a control point or a mobile app. Alerts can be sent to notify them if their car alarm is triggered, or if someone is standing near their vehicle for an extended period of time. When returning to their vehicle, customers can use a control point to not only locate their car, but also to find the quickest route to get to it; particularly useful in large multi-storey car parks.

Increased parking loyalty is likely; customers can appreciate that their vehicle is securely protected. This creates an opportunity to offer discounts or premium spaces to loyal customers. In the case of unwelcome visitors, a simple ANPR system prevents blacklisted customers from entering the car park.

This system comes with a two-year warranty straight from our manufacturer, and for further peace of mind, this can be extended up to five years with our Secure Warranty. We can design a car parking security solution using any combination of these features, to provide a bespoke proposal for your site.

If you are interested in a new secure car parking solution, or would like to arrange a demonstration, please email us or call the Advanced Technology Centre

Call us for Car Parking Security Solutions in Kent, London, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire01622 844 244Car Park Guidance in Kent, London, Sussex, Essexinfo@secureeng.co.uk

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