Body-worn CCTV Cameras

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body worn cctv camerasBody-worn CCTV cameras are an excellent solution for a number of applications where staff can face potentially difficult or confrontational scenarios.

Easy to use and lightweight, our preferred body-worn CCTV device fits onto clothing easily, with no cables or removable parts. The unit is able to operate in temperatures from -15°C to +50°C and is protected from dust and water damage. A 5 megapixel camera and up to 17 hours of recording ensure that video and audio captured are of exceptional quality. Recordings can be used to provide evidence to resolve complaints and disputes internally and externally.

The features of body-worn CCTV cameras are particularly suitable for the following applications:

• Schools – body-worn CCTV cameras could help to improve student conduct and reduce anti-social behaviour.

• Police – A wide angle viewpoint makes body-worn CCTV cameras effective even in crowds.

• Security Man-Guarding – Day and night operation and eight-hour recording time means that body-worn CCTV can be used for an entire working shift, in all light conditions.

• Retail – body-worn CCTV decreases losses, by providing an obvious visual deterrent to potential shoplifters.

• Lone Workers – Healthcare employees, utilities personnel, or those in the distribution industry could all benefit from body-worn CCTV, which allows for greater personal safety and a reduction in false allegations.

• Engineers – body-worn CCTV enables Engineering teams that are carrying out maintenance to record processes for later review.body worn cctv cameras

Our preferred body-worn CCTV system comes with its own management software suite. Footage is securely and automatically encrypted; meaning that no data is lost or corrupted. An unlimited number of badges can be deployed with no difficulty or added complications; allowing the system to grow quickly and easily as a business develops.

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