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Access Control Entry Systems in Kent, London, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.Secure Engineering offer the installation and ongoing maintenance of Access Control Entry Systems. From a simple door entry system to multifaceted schemes for industrial sites, we can provide the best solution for your Access Control needs, at the lowest life cost.

Access Control is an electronic security facility that can be used for many applications, to control admittance to areas of a building or site. Used to protect staff and assets, comply with Health & Safety regulations, Data Protection regulations and limit access to restricted areas, Access Control can be used to safeguard a single door or building, or provide a complex integrated solution for a large industrial site.

Access Control, such as the Paxton Net 2 system, prevents unauthorised access to rooms or buildings, and can be used on doors, turnstiles, car park barriers or lifts. This system has features that can allow a door to be unlocked for a programmed length of time. When access is refused, the door remains locked and the event is recorded. The system can have an alarm that will sound if the door is forced open or held open too long.

Physical barriers are directed by an access controller which can be ‘stand-alone’, or be networked to an online system. The access controller uses credentials to identify and authorise individuals. Credentials vary from a PIN code, a swipe card or token; even fingerprint readers.

Swipe cards and tokens can be programmed in conjunction with a database to ensure that individuals can access specific doors at specific times. It can be used for roll call in an emergency or to clock employees in and out on a daily basis, keeping your business running efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Access controllers can even be pre-programmed to alter schedules at a particular time;Access control card reader ideal for application in schools wherein access may need to be granted for one-off evening or early-morning events.

We can upgrade an existing network as part of our Systems Integration package. Our Maintenance packages and our Secure Warranty will keep your site safe and reliably secure.

To find out more about our Access Control systems please contact us by phone or email or book an appointment with one of our System Designers.

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