Wednesday , 17 July 2019

Five reasons to have a maintenance contract

repair of CCTV camera in workshopSecure Engineering offer tailored maintenance packages to ensure that your security equipment stays in excellent working order.

Whilst attending your site, our friendly Secure Engineers can also advise on proper use, make minor adjustments and answer any questions that you may have.

Here are our top five reasons to take out a maintenance contract:

1. Enjoy peace of mind

It is common knowledge that prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance of your security system will keep your site safe and reliably secure, preventing faults before they happen.

2. Save money

Our maintenance packages are an efficient, cost effective way to keep your security system in good condition. Competitive, steady payments for security system maintenance are best for your business, creating smooth cash flow.

3. Be sustainable

An unmaintained security system may not be working correctly, but continues to use energy, affecting your business, its carbon footprint and sustainability.

4. Stay insured

If your security system is improperly maintained, you could be left vulnerable in more ways than one. In the event of an incident or crime on your property, your insurers may not be obliged to honour your claim.

5. Comply with regulations

Compliance with Fire and Health & Safety regulations can be affected by poorly maintained systems. After all, a door entry system that fails to work during an emergency could spell disaster for you and your business. If Health and Safety inspectors find something wrong, they could charge for the time they spend investigating and helping you to correct any faults.


The elements, dust, dirt and time can take their toll on a security system. Take the steps to secure your business with a 1-5 year maintenance contract. Find out more about our maintenance packages, click here.  To contact us click here, or call the Advanced Technology Centre on 01622 844244.

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