Wednesday , 17 July 2019

Demolition of Grain Power Station

Grain ChimneyThe demolition of the old Grain Power Station is an end of an era in more ways than one. Uniper, formally E-on, Powergen and CEGB have been a customer of Secure Engineering for 27 years.

In 2007 we were commissioned to install a high resolution colour CCTV camera at the very top of the Chimney. This was no mean feat!

Strict restrictions for access required thorough of organisation of the job in front of the engineers from the actual climb to the top, to ensuring all equipment was together. It would be a little annoying to discover ‘someone’ had forgotten the screwdriver !

Grain ChimneyGrain ChimneyWireless transmitters and receivers were positioned adjacent to the new camera and on the Gatehouse. This wireless equipment allowed transmission of video as well as reception of telemetry functions required to operate the washer and wiper.
The video signal obtained from the wireless receiver at the Gatehouse was recorded to a spare input on their existing BX2 DVR.

A ‘loop-through’ from this single recorded channel on the DVR was then connected to the input of a Video Server which converted the analogue video signal into a networked image viewable via the LAN/WAN or Internet by use of Internet Explorer.

Going going gone

Energy will still be produced from the site by a new environmentally friendly gas powered plant. A case of the old making way for the new… A little like the technology and style of camera used in 2007 to present day.

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