CCTV and the Law

CCTV & The Law

If your business has an electronic security system installed, it is your responsibility to be aware of data protection laws. Here are some key points for your information.

What you must do…

  • By law, any business that uses CCTV must display signs showing that recording is taking place. These must be clearly visible, ideally showing the name of the company that operates the system. We are able to provide signs at a reasonable cost
  • Avoid using CCTV in areas where privacy would be compromised, such as changing rooms, showers or toilets.
  • Have a retention policy, clearly stating the length of time that recorded images can be kept before being deleted.
  • Make sure that an individual in your company has responsibility for the CCTV images, deciding how images should be used and who should be allowed to see them. Regular checks should be made to ensure that the procedures are being correctly carried out.
  • Register with the Information Commissioner’s Office, and tell them why you are using CCTV.
  • Become familiar with the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, which explain the rules that you must follow to protect the public.
  • Avoid disclosing images of identifiable people on the internet for entertainment, or giving them to the media.

For further advice on current legislation and appropriate use of CCTV, contact us here, or find out more information using the links below…

The Information Commissioner’s Office

Guidance notes and Code of Practice

The Information Commissioner – CCTV-related information

British Standards Institution

Publications for purchase and download concerning CCTV and the Law:

BS EN 11064-1:2001 Ergonomic design of control centres
BS 7858:2006 Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment. Code of Practice
BS 8495:2007 Digital CCTV recording systems for the purpose of image export to be used as evidence – Code of Practice

Kent Police Logo

Could you identify this criminal from these CCTV pictures?

Probably not…

CCTV Camera Images

Ensure your CCTV system is effective by following these guidelines:

  • Check that the camera is covering the correct area – with enough light, day and night – for a clear picture
  • Ensure the picture is clear and that people and vehicles are clearly identifiable
  • Ensure your DVR records for at least 14 days
  • Use the best possible image settings on your DVR for sharper pictures
  • Check that the time and date display is correct
  • Your CCTV provider, security officer or local crime prevention officer can help you improve your CCTV system

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Secure Engineering Ltd would like to thank Kent Police and the Metropolitan Police for their permission to use their images, text and logos.

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