Carbon footprint

Carbon footprintAt Secure Engineering, we recognise the importance of sustainability. Reducing a company’s carbon footprint not only helps the environment, but can save significant amounts of money for your business. Here are our tips for lowering your company’s carbon footprint, whilst keeping your site safe and secure.

Keep it local
There is no better way to ensure sustainability than to employ companies that are local to your business or work site. This saves fuel costs and time for the company that you employ, and these savings can be passed on to your business.

Switch on the lights to reduce your energy bills

This may sound absurd, but the right site lighting can reduce your energy bills and save a considerable sum on maintenance. LED lighting can prove to cut the costs of site lighting by up to 80%, with an average LED bulb lasting up to 20 times longer than a standard filament lamp.

Upgrade your security system to IP
IP (Internet Protocol) sends information as data onto an IP network, sharing existing networks and storage without the need for extra cabling.

Add remote access to your system
In the event of a potential threat, security systems with remote access send information to authorised personnel via mobile app, so that footage can be viewed and dealt with appropriately, without the need to travel to site.

Use a company with appropriate accreditations
Using an electronic security company with accreditations means that the company in question has been thoroughly checked to ensure that they are operating in an environmentally considerate manner. Accreditations such as NSI Gold, STEM and ISO 9001 certify that businesses are working efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

Check your tech
When elements of your security system need to be replaced, consider updating them to include new technology, rather than replacing like for like. LED monitors, or solar powered cameras can help you reduce your carbon footprint substantially. Our Systems Design Managers can ensure that your system is fully integrated, and running in the most sustainable, economical way.

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