No Limits

Need security equipment in an awkward position? Short of using sky hooks not quite sure how to manage it ? Here at Secure Engineering we have the Engineering capability to design and manufacture bespoke brackets, posts and housings. Whether it’s an access control panel in a remote area, a camera on a bridge or on top of a building surrounded ...

No Dust!

Dust is a problem if not properly handled. Dust caused by drilling can be a major health hazard, not only from particles entering the eyes but also from breathing in dust. Brick or concrete Silica dust in particular can lead to the development of respiratory ill health, causing scarring of the lung tissue possibly resulting in serious breathing complications. Containment ...

Demolition of Grain Power Station

The demolition of the old Grain Power Station is an end of an era in more ways than one. Uniper, formally E-on, Powergen and CEGB have been a customer of Secure Engineering for 27 years. In 2007 we were commissioned to install a high resolution colour CCTV camera at the very top of the Chimney. This was no mean feat! ...

Six ways to prevent flytipping

Prevent fly tipping

In recent years, flytipping has become an increasing problem. Although it is still widespread, there are steps that you can take to protect your business and prevent flytipping.

Kent Business Success Summit

Eastwell Manor business event

Systems Design Manager Chris Owen and Marketing Editor Kate Tompsett attended the Kent Business Success Summit in June, held at Eastwell Manor in Ashford. Here are our five favourite tips for sales and marketing success!

KCC – Keeping the traffic flowing

When driving on Kent’s roads, a green traffic light is a wonderful thing, often taken for granted, whilst a red traffic light is not much more than an irritation; delaying you on the school run, or making you late for work. The technology behind that green or red light however, is complex and essential, and at the heart of it all is the Highway Management Centre near Maidstone.

Four dangers of fake CCTV cameras

At Secure Engineering, we are often asked our opinion of fake CCTV cameras. We have never advocated the use of these, strongly believing that are an inadequate choice when it comes to your site’s security.

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